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United States of America, Wounded Knee - South Dakota - December 29th 1990…

(...) Slow and powerful as a reproach, I saw all the Indian chiefs with their funny or imposing names, names that sounded like a festival, rise and come towards me (...). Ghosts gliding through the blizzard with the elegance of a mirage and the emblematic power of holy causes, there they were right in front of me. A hundred years to the day after the massacre that ended the indian wars.

Paris-Match, the leading french weekly magazine, decided to replace caricature with legends. It published my color photos over 8 pages and in one million copies (No. 2173, dated January 17, 1991). The Italian, Greek, Dutch and Japanese press soon picked up this publication. These were the only wide-scale releases that brought the drumbeat of the Sioux nation back to the front page since the tragic events that occurred in the same place in 1973. Later, in 2003, I was overwhelmed by the album Bone days by the renowned Santee Sioux artist John Trudell, which reminds us of the prophecy of the great mystic and war leader Lakota, otherwise known as Crazy Horse. This spurred me to share my passion for Native Americans with my wife and show her their ancestral lands during a five-week journey through eleven states. As I didn’t want to make a book “about” Indians, but rather for them, I turned down the project of a well-known French publishing house in 2004.

Will the world form itself around Indians, but without them…?

Let us read the prophecy of Crazy Horse again and listen to John Trudell once more: the answer is NO!... This explains the subheading “We are the seventh generation”. This book will hopefully make the drumbeat of the Red Nation beat louder than ever. It belongs to them and was made for them...