François Paolini embraces time and space with his eyes and strides through his century to the pace of his artistic vision, which never ceases to define itself more firmly.

A major reporter for the Sygma agency, he authored several investigations that received pride of place in international magazines, such as Paris-Match, Stern, Newsweek, Focus and GEO. Some of his key subjects included: “Paris Police: night brigades”, “Moscow: the seedy underside of the USSR”, “Zâbbalin in Cairo”, “Sioux Indians: return to Wounded Knee” and “Romania 1990”. His two-year investigation on delinquency from the East to the West (Moscow-Paris-Los Angeles) earned him the prestigious World Press Photo award in 1990. His photographic skills were highlighted by his double participation in the most important worldwide photojournalism festival, VISA pour l’Image.

With his independence remaining his prime priority, François Paolini published and exhibited work that he believed in or on commission: the Cairo of the Zâbbalin (Zâbbalin - Nathan / 1989), the traces of the Allied D-Day landings on the French coasts (44-94 Regards - Moulin Vieux / 1994), a free vision of Normandy (Normandie - Gallimard / 1996), not to mention the remains of the former capital of Armenia (ANI capitale de l’an mille - Paris-Musées / 2001). He also delved into issues of humanity by photographing all of the Nazi death camps (Soleils Noirs - Décalage Image / 1995). His curiosity about the singularity or abjection of others knows no limits.

In 1999, his meeting with Maurice Béjart and the close-knit and lasting partnership that followed allowed him to rise as a major show photographer on the greatest stages of the world. After acting as Communications Manager for Béjart Ballet Lausanne, he now handles all the images of the latest worldwide creations of the most famous choreographer of the 20th century. He also supervises the graphic process of all the related visual supports. He created a photographic monograph of principal dancer Gil Roman (Gil Roman, je danse ma vie –BBL / 2007) and supervised the publication of a memoir for Béjart Ballet Lausanne (Béjart Ballet Lausanne : 20 ans – BBL / 2007). Then he creates and signs the publishing and the exhibition of “Choreographics” (publ. Lme / Paris-2009).

But François Paolini can’t help but live several lives at the same time. Since 2002, he has also fallen under the charm of Las Vegas. For its centenary anniversary in 2005, the city deemed his photographic work and layout a Signature Project of the Las Vegas Centennial. It was released in the United States under the title We all live in Vegas (Stephens Press LLC / 2005). Designer of his own images, with the stringent requirement of digging down to the very heart of the subject, the very bones, he created the ®Las VegARTS label in 2007 to develop a unique exhibition and publication concept about the city. Apart from Las Vegas, Paolini is fascinated by the immobile cadences of masterpieces of worldwide contemporary architecture and new technologies. His personal projects led him to sites that include La Défense in Paris, the docks of London and the megalopolises of Dubai and Shanghai. This pushed him to initiate the ISIS multimedia sculpture project with Alpes-Patrice Moullet and the Musical and Multimedia Workshop Experience.